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We market both liquid crop nutrient and powder animal nutrient products under the brand name of ¡°Shengmingsu¡± (which in Chinese means ¡°Life Essential¡±). We produce our liquid crop nutrient product based on a patented formula utilizing fulvic acid as the primary compound base, which is combined with various micro nutrients such as zinc and boron as well as macro nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium ("NPK¡±) that are essential for the health of crops. Our product¡¯s core fulvic acid compound improves crop yield by enhancing the absorption of fertilizers and micro nutrients. In addition, our product formulation includes micro nutrients and NPK to serve as a supplement during key growth stages of crops. We believe that our product is particularly well-suited for use in China, which generally has highly degraded farming soil as a result of over-farming, decades of over-use of chemical fertilizers and less advanced farming practices compared to more developed nations. After water dilution, our liquid crop nutrient product is most commonly applied by directly spraying it onto the leaves of crops. It is typically used at certain critical growth stages of crops in addition to normal fertilizer application.

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