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Our research scientists have conducted many years of research in the area of agricultural biochemistry including agricultural nutrients research, development and commercialization.

We have successfully commercialized our Shengmingsu products and have a pipeline of additional products which will add to the strength of our brand. Both of our crop nutrient and animal nutrient products are protected by invention patent in China. They also won the top award for consecutive years at China Yanglin Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair, one of the most prestigious agriculture trade fairs in China.

Continuous innovation is one of the core principles in our strategy. Our new product launch process will go through the following steps: market investigation, product development plan, assign capital to support the product development, research, testing, internal product appraisal, trial sale, and official launch.

Yongye has established long term partnership with the most prestigious Agriculture university and research institute in China such as The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China Agriculture University.

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